Catalogo de tiristores de TECCOR ELECTRONICS (Ingles)

Product Selection Guide Product Descriptions-vi Circuit Requirement Diagram vii Product Packages viii Description of Part Numbers-x Quality and..


Catalogo de tiristores, TRIACs, interruptores AC y A.S.D de ST (Ingles)

Product symbols 3 Packages 4 Surface mount packages (by current capability) 4 Through-hole packages (by current capability) 4 AC switches 5 A..


Catalogo de semiconductores de FAILCHILD (Ingles)

Catalogo de Tiristores, TRIACs, Diodos y Transistores de Renesas Electronics (Ingles)

Guia tecnica: NXP. Control de potencia con Tiristores y TRIACS (Ingles)

Using Thyristors and Triacs 487 6.1.1 Introduction to Thyristors and Triacs . 489 6.1.2 Using Thyristors and Triacs . 497 6.1.3 The Peak Current..


Catalogo de tiristores de LittelFuse (Ingles)

Introduction: Thyristor Products Overview and Selection Guides Product Selection Table 3 Product Descriptions 5 Circuit Requirement Diagram 6 Produc..


Guia tecnica: Teoria de tiristores y consideraciones de diseño de Onsemi (Ingles)

Section 1: Symbols and Terminology 4 Section 2: Theory of Thyristor Operation. 10 Basic Behavior 10 . Switching Characteristics 13 False Triggeri..



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