Catalogo de semiconductores de FAILCHILD (Ingles)

Solapas principales

Analog Signal Processing Amplifiers Comparators Power Amplifiers Voltage to Frequency Converters Application Specific ICs Ballast ICs CCFL Backlight ICs Ground Fault Interrupt ICs Motor ICs Multiplexer/Register for Microprocessor VID Data Conversion Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) Interface and Switches DIMM GTLP IEEE1284 LVDS USB Switches Power Management LED Drivers Linear Regulators AC/DC Conversion ICs DC/DC Conversion ICs PWM and Phase Modulation Controllers (AC/DC and DC/DC) Supervisory Circuits Voltage References and Shunts Special Function ICs Landing Correction ICs Vertical Output ICs Voltage Stabilizers Thermal Management Temperature Sensors Timing Circuits Temperature Sensors Video ICs Analog Filters and Buffers Decoder and Genlocks Digital Video Filters and Mixers Digital Video Memories Digital Video Processors Encoders Video Demo Boards Analog & Mixed Signal Microcontrollers Infrared Products LED Lamps & Displays Optocouplers Solid State Relays Optoelectronics Bipolar Power Transistors & JFETs Diodes & Rectifiers IGBTs Discrete IGBT Ignition IGBT IGBT Modules SPM™ (Smart Power Module) MOSFETs Load Switches Power MOSFETs MOSFET/Schottky Combos TRIACs Discrete Power Interface DIMM GTLP IEEE1284 LVDS USB Logic Low Voltage Logic Standard Logic TinyLogic Switches Analog Switches Bus Switches Interface & Logic Basestation Cellular Handsets Millimeter Wave/Wideband Wireless LAN




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