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Introduction: Thyristor Products Overview and Selection Guides Product Selection Table 3 Product Descriptions 5 Circuit Requirement Diagram 6 Product Packages 7 Quality and Reliability Assurance 9 V-I Characteristics of Thyristor Devices 11 Electrical Parameter Terminology 12 Product Data Sheet Sections Data Sheet Table of Conents 14 Triacs 16 Quadracs 156 SCRs 164 SIDACs 314 Rectifiers 348 Appendix 1: Lead Form Dimensions 353 Appendix 2: Application Notes Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors (AN1001) 358 Gating, Latching, and Holding of SCRs and Triacs (AN1002) 364 Phase Control Using Thyristor (AN1003) 370 Mounting and Handling of Semiconductor Devices (AN1004) 380 Surface Mount Soldering Recommendations (AN1005) 386 Thyristor and Rectifier Testing Using Curve Tracers (AN1006) 390 Thyristors Used as AC Static Switches and Relays (AN1007) 410 Explanation of Maximum Ratings and Characteristics (AN1008) 418 Miscellaneous Design Tips and Facts (AN1009) 424 Thyristors for Ignition of Fluorescent Lamps (AN1010) 428 Appendix 3: Cross Reference 432




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